About This Site

Purpose and Scope

This site contains and presents data from the Tome of Battle: the Book of Nine Swords, intended to supplement access to the physical book.

Previously, the information has been made publicly available by Wizards of the Coast only in the form of maneuver cards (see links), this site provides indexes and filtering options for the information they contain.

Changes from the Text of the Book

The maneuver texts include all relevant modifications recommended by the Unofficial Errata Project for the Tome of Battle (see links).


This site is created and run by Eiríkur Ernir Þorsteinsson.

I started playing Dunegons and Dragons 3.5 about a week before the game's fourth edition came out. I bought the Tome of Battle on April 12, 2009. Of all the books I own, it is the one that has suffered the greatest number of sticky notes.


I thank Lady Sæborg Ninja and Ormur for performing valuable content work to get this site live, and Przemysław "Xan" Michałek for the feedback and error reports that have kept it alive over the years. Raise your weapons of legacy to them.

Programming API

The website includes an open GraphQL API for developers.

Do be in touch or submit a PR directly if additional queries are desired.

Tome of Battle: the Book of Nine Swords is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.. Further, the book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.

However, I (the author of this website) believe the construction of a search engine such as this one falls under the fair use exception of copyright law. The site is not run for profit, it only uses content that is available online (see links), and is very unlikely to impact the copyright holder's ability to profit from the book. The product line the book belongs to has been discontinued and the whole site is rather useless to someone who does not own the book anyway.

If you are a representative of the copyright holder and find that the existence of the site is somehow not in your interest, drop me a line and I'll take down the offending material.

GNU General Public License

This website is an open source program, released under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0). The source is accessible at Github.